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The ‘Papa’ and Paula

Paula Deen’s husband, Michael Groover, looks a lot like Ernest Hemingway. So much, in fact, that he triumphed over 150 other entrants to win the 2018 Sloppy Joe’s Hemingway® Look-Alike Contest, the undisputed highlight of Key West’s annual Hemingway Days festival.

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Authors and Artists Make Key West a Creative Haven

Artists, authors, playwrights and poets have been lured to Key West and seized upon its one-of-a-kind environment of creativity, natural beauty and sometimes eccentric qualities — making it the muse for some of their most acclaimed career accomplishments.

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Mario’s Magic

Mario Sanchez depicted the Key West of his youth, and its often eccentric inhabitants, with intricate detail and affectionate humor. The late Mario was called the greatest Cuban-American folk artist of the 20th century, and he was recently inducted into the Smithsonian American Art Museum -- the first Key West artist to earn this honor.

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January is for Foodies in the Florida Keys

This January, food and wine enthusiasts can sample the the Florida Keys' culinary delights at five fantastic cuisine celebrations. Each one spotlights local chefs’ creativity, indigenous ingredients like unparalleled fresh fish and seafood, and premium wines. And the Keys' subtropical weather provides another "tasty" reason for a January escape to the welcoming island chain.

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Southernmost Snow, ‘Fur Kids’ Meet Santa and Decking the Hulls

Despite the Florida Keys' subtropical climate, residents tend to go a little overboard with holiday decorations (for example, an inflatable 10-foot-tall reindeer perched atop a small houseboat!) and throw themselves gleefully into extended merrymaking. In fact, from Key Largo to Key West, the December calendar is packed with events designed to spread seasonal cheer.

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Discover the Keys Connection

The Florida Keys are rich in "mañana mindset," irreverent humor and unexpected joys. Now is a great time to discover and connect with the island chain and the spirit that defines it — and with the special Keys experiences that will make your senses tingle and your smile spread from ear to ear.

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Recalling Jimmy Buffett’s ‘Key West Heart’ Concert

Thousands of Jimmy Buffett's fervent "Parrot Head" fans are gathered in Key West, widely known as the cradle of Buffett’s creativity, to celebrate his music and the “Margaritaville mindset” it inspires. This “Keys Voices” column looks back at a surprise concert Jimmy performed during the Parrot Heads' visit in 2011 — and his spontaneous comments that revealed an undiminished affection for the island city.

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Lobster Lovers, Let the Feast Begin!

Early August marks the start of the Florida Keys’ annual commercial lobster season -- so it's time to savor the sweet, clawless local lobsters in restaurants ranging from waterside seafood shacks to gourmet emporiums. Some foodies even design their own “lobster quest" to sample chefs’ crustacean creations at a variety of eateries from Key Largo to Key West.

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