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Bat Masterson is Named Key West’s Newest ‘Papa’

His long-established nickname is “Bat,” and even many friends don’t know his real name is David. But now Bat Masterson has a new nickname: “Papa.” That’s because Bat recently won the Hemingway Look-Alike Contest, a highlight of Key West's Hemingway Days festival that ended July 21 — the 125th anniversary of “Papa” Hemingway’s birth.

By |July 24, 2024|

‘Santiago’ Scores a Swordfish

Daytime swordfishing, or catching a broadbill in broad daylight, was pioneered off the Florida Keys’ Islamorada — an area known as the “Sportfishing Capital of the World” and the home of the largest offshore charterboat fleet in the entire Keys island chain. So how difficult is it to battle and catch a prized swordfish?

By |July 17, 2024|

Hemingway Days: How It All Began

Key West’s Hemingway Days — set this year for July 16-21 — is an internationally recognized celebration saluting Ernest Hemingway, the legendary American author who lived and wrote on the island for almost a decade. But when Michael Whalton conceived the festival more than 40 years ago, he couldn’t possibly foresee what it would become.

By |July 10, 2024|

Underwater Music Fest to ‘Make Waves’ for Reef Protection

The Lower Florida Keys’ sub-sea world will become a concert venue Saturday, July 13, when divers and snorkelers immerse themselves in a musical adventure that promotes reef protection. It’s called the Lower Keys Underwater Music Festival, and it’s unlike any other dive or snorkel experience — OR any other music festival — on the planet.

By |July 2, 2024|

Allison Delashmit: Steward of the Lower Keys Guides Association

Allison Delashmit is the executive director of the Lower Keys (Fishing) Guides Association, which includes more than 100 vetted guide members and 150-200 angler members. Her goals include protecting and maintaining the organization’s integrity, helping to protect and preserve the Keys fishery, and providing a voice for future fisheries management in the Keys.

By |June 26, 2024|

Plywood, Duct Tape and That Dreaded ‘Sinking Feeling’

Sometimes in Key West, people get that “sinking feeling.” It happens each Memorial Day weekend when they compete in the weird and wonderful Schooner Wharf Minimal Regatta — where, in the course of one wacky afternoon, many participating vessels simply disintegrate in the water, leaving their “captains” dogpaddling intrepidly while spectators howl with laughter.

By |June 19, 2024|

Key Lime Pie Stars in ‘Sweet’ Key West Festival

Fans of sweet, tart Key lime pie can salute the Florida Keys’ signature dessert, and the tiny fruit that inspired it, July 3-7 during the annual Key Lime Festival. Events include a (very messy!) Key lime pie–eating contest, “limey” dining delights, a wacky Key lime pie drop, and culinary and libation tastings.

By |June 12, 2024|
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