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Why People Go ‘Crab Crazy’ in the Keys

Once the stone crab season began Oct. 15, the savory claws started starring on the menus of top Keys restaurants — triggering a virtual stampede of savvy seafood aficionados. That's because the claws contain sweet and scrumptious meat that’s among the Keys’ most popular (and deservedly famous) delicacies.

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Savor Tasty Temptations During ‘WineDine’ Restaurant Month

Fans of fine food can enjoy multicourse prix fixe meals at a number of Key West and Islamorada restaurants Sept. 15 to Oct. 15, during WineDine festivities designed to showcase indigenous Florida Keys cuisine and the talents of local chefs. Featured restaurants range from casual waterfront spots to trendy bistros and award-winning gourmet emporiums.

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Indulge in Key West’s Mouthwatering Flavors

Key West's dining options range from a vintage trolley pizzeria with a wood-fired brick oven to a lovely eatery on a secluded island with spectacular views of the Gulf of Mexico. The city is well known for its over-the-top fresh seafood and delicious island-influenced cuisine — as well as stellar eateries showcasing cuisines from around the world.

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Lobster Lovers, Let the Feast Begin!

Early August marks the start of the Florida Keys’ annual commercial lobster season -- so it's time to savor the sweet, clawless local lobsters in restaurants ranging from waterside seafood shacks to gourmet emporiums. Some foodies even design their own “lobster quest" to sample chefs’ crustacean creations at a variety of eateries from Key Largo to Key West.

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Chef Andy Niedenthal: Cooking Full-Circle, Back to Islamorada

Meet the celebrated chef behind some of the Florida Keys' most innovative cuisine: Andy Niedenthal, who has appeared on America's top food television shows, been praised by culinary icon Julia Child, and even cooked for a former president. Now he's the executive chef at Islamorada's Islander Resort, A Guy Harvey Outpost.

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Lionfish: An Incredible Edible Fish

Diners can benefit the ocean environment by ordering lionfish at Keys restaurants, helping to decrease the invasive species' population and minimize its negative impacts. Delicate and delicious, the light white meat of the lionfish tastes much like snapper.

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Three Things to be Thankful for in Key West

When counting blessings in Key West, the list usually includes the year-round warm climate, genuinely caring community, “One Human Family” philosophy that promotes equality for all, lively arts and entertainment calendar, and beautiful natural surroundings -- but the Thanksgiving season provides a reason for some extra reflection and gratitude.

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