Team ‘Mama Money’ Wins Top Prize in Key West’s VFW Fishing Tournament

KEY WEST, Florida Keys — The Tampa-area team Mama Money earned top honors for a 31.1-pound dolphin fish in the VFW Fishing Tournament that ended June 20 in Key West. 

Team member Michael Garrett of Land O’ Lakes, Florida, caught the fish Saturday afternoon, clinching the tournament’s $3,000 dolphin-division prize. Mama Money was captained by Cecil Harrell.

Teams in the family-friendly tournament earned cash prizes for catching the heaviest dolphin fish, tuna, snapper and grouper. Other cash prizes awaited the challenge’s top veteran and first responder as well as senior, junior and female competitors. 

The tournament drew anglers fishing on 46 boats. Proceeds are slated to benefit disabled or needy veterans in the Florida Keys’ Monroe County. 

VFW Tournament Final Results

(Class, Weight, Angler, Hometown, Captain, Boat)

Heaviest Dolphin: 31.1 lb., Michael Garrett, Land O’ Lakes, Florida, Cecil Harrell, Mama Money

Heaviest Tuna: 9 lb., Rebecca Guzman, Key West, David MacDonald, Wizzie Cat

Heaviest Grouper: 13.2 lb., John Searcy, Key West, Jeff Searcy, Lightly

Heaviest Snapper: 11.6 lb., Noah Mercer, Key West, Andrew Mercer, Hillbilly Hookers

Senior Division: 8.60 lb. tuna, John Laird, Key West, John Bukowski, No Speedos

Female Division: 8 lb. dolphin, Gwyn Latta, Crystal Spring, Pennsylvania, Pete Thomas, Miss Judy

Junior Division: 7.2 lb. grouper, Calvin Mercer, Key West, Andrew Mercer, Hillbilly Hookers

First Responder Division: 4.6 lb. dolphin, Lanette Kuhnash, Lore City, Ohio, Brian Stahovec, Old Stoner

Veteran Division: 9.2 lb. dolphin, Cliff Simmen, Key West, James Simmen, Papasan

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