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Immerse yourself in the nature of the Florida Keys. Let it change you.

Off the Beaten Path - Locals' Adventures

Connect with one of the Keys’ “natural resources” — the friendly, easygoing people who live here.

With the Keys’ funky hotspots, close-to-nature lifestyle and lively arts community, locals choose to embrace a laid-back vibe and culture and make it their own.

When you open yourself to chatting with Florida Keys residents, seeking their insights and recommendations for off-the-beaten-path adventures, you can immerse yourself in the Keys and forge a lasting connection with the colorful, magical islands.

Vacation Like a Local: Make the Keys Connection

The Florida Keys & Key West aren't just another vacation destination where you arrive, soak up some sun on a pretty beach, maybe do a little shopping or take a sightseeing tour, sample the local cuisine and depart, essentially unchanged, after a few days. In fact, rather than being a typical "tourist," you can practically become a temporary local — enjoying a vacation experience that fills your senses and leaves you feeling vibrantly alive. Read more

‘Local’s Choice’ Tips

Each month our Keys Traveler e-Newsletter spotlights an interesting resident in a ‘Local’s Choice’ profile. Learn about the featured locals’ lives and get insights into their favorite Keys spots to dine, explore and relax.

Florida Keys Stewards

Meet some of the quirky, creative, genuinely friendly residents who weave eco-consciousness into their everyday lives — protecting wildlife, eating local foods, supporting fishermen, reducing plastic waste and giving back to their island communities.

Each month our Keys Traveler e-Newsletter spotlights a “Steward of the Keys.” Learn their stories and find out about their lives, work, passions and reasons for loving the island chain and proactively preserving it.

Those who love the Keys form personal connections to the unique environment. Watch videos below and “meet” some of these stewards of the Florida Keys’ natural world:

Billy Litmer, Honest Eco Tours

Roxane Boonstra, Coral Restoration Foundation

Capt. Will Benson, Fishing Guide

Bette Zirkelbach, Turtle Hospital

Bill Keogh, Kayak Tour Guide

CoralPalooza Divers

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