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Seven Experiences to Savor Only in the Keys

Besides balmy year-round weather, endless blue water and a seriously laid-back vibe, in the Florida Keys you’ll find an enticing array of environmental, cultural and adventure activities that can’t be enjoyed anywhere EXCEPT in the island chain. Enliven your stay with some of the “only in the Keys” experiences outlined here.

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Who’s that Keys Chick Paddleboarding with Her Pet Chicken?

Karly Venezia, director of sales and marketing at Islamorada’s iconic 22-acre Islander Resort, has spent more than half her life working for resorts in Key West and Islamorada. She also has an unusual paddleboarding companion: her Rhode Island Red chicken, Loretta, whose on-the-water exploits created a social media sensation.

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Make Memories on a Florida Keys Wildlife Adventure

People from around the world are drawn to the Florida Keys, hoping for one-of-kind encounters with some of the unique animals, birds and marine creatures that call the Keys home. Whether observing rare birds, getting up close to a bottlenose dolphin or “meeting” a sea turtle in a world-class “rehab” center, there are plenty of ways to make lasting wildlife memories.

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Offbeat ‘Zero K’ Race is MOO-ving Experience

While some runners push themselves to race long and grueling distances, participants in one recent Florida Keys challenge did the exact opposite. About 1,400 “athletes” who didn’t want to break a sweat romped, strolled and ambled across the Florida Keys’ shortest bridge (spanning mere feet!) during April’s Cow Key Channel Bridge Run.

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Close Encounters with Ben Daughtry

Ben Daughtry’s passion for creating educational experiences in marine conservation led him to open Florida Keys Aquarium Encounters — where visitors can enjoy immersive experiences with reef fish, invertebrates, stingrays and even sharks without entering the ocean.

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Six Ways to Inspire ‘Keys Smiles’

Particularly when winter has much of the world in its chilly grip, the siren song of the subtropical Florida Keys can be almost impossible to resist. The Keys offer ways to indulge body, mind and tastebuds while recharging your batteries and sparking smiles that just don’t stop.

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