Keys Tarpon Fishing: Battling the Silver King

There is no other acrobatic fish on the inshore fishing scene that’s more coveted by anglers than the tarpon. Known for their high-leaping ability, these “silver kings” are powerful and tenacious. It’s sometimes easy to get them to bite a bait, but often they have lockjaw and can frustrate anglers and captains alike.

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Rainbow Crosswalks Return to the Streets of Key West

Recently Key West city workers installed four permanent rainbow crosswalks at the intersection of Duval and Petronia streets, the heart of the island’s LGBTQ entertainment district (affectionately nicknamed the Pink Triangle). The crosswalks replaced those installed in 2015, and Key West’s Mayor Teri Johnston explains why they symbolize the community’s all-inclusive spirit.

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Stroll, Sip and Savor the Artistry of the Keys

Artists are drawn to the Florida Keys because of the islands’ deeply-hued, richly colorful natural scenery and an intensively creative spirit that infuses the local culture. Artistry flourishes throughout the island chain, and the winter season brings unusual new ways for aficionados to enjoy it — including enticing art strolls, classes and intriguing experiences.

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Craving a Luxury Spring Getaway? Check Out Three Keys Resorts

Eager to escape yet another cold grey winter? Temps in the Florida Keys are pleasantly mild, with sunny skies and warm island breezes just perfect for a satisfying late-winter or spring getaway. And the Keys have some breathtaking ultra-luxury oceanfront resorts that are ready to pamper visitors with subtropical sun and serenity.

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The Fabulous Fable of Santa Keys

Florida Keys holiday traditions center around the one and only Santa Keys — a jolly bearded fellow who brings cheer to those not lucky enough to live in the Keys, and to the underwater creatures in the Florida Keys National Marine Sanctuary. What happens on the night before Christmas? Santa Keys makes his rounds!

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Six Holiday Gifts for Your Favorite Florida Keys Enthusiast

The Florida Keys & Key West have a vast selection of unique gift shops, boutiques and art galleries — which makes shopping for holiday gifts a breeze. And most local businesses will ship their goodies to faraway friends and family. Of course, the best gift of all is a well-deserved escape to Key West!

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Looking Back at Mallory Square

For decades, Key West's Mallory Square Sunset Celebration has been an iconic must-do experience for visitors and locals alike. On the pier overlooking colorful Key West Harbor, artisans sell handmade wares and foodstuffs. Performers range from acrobats and musicians to a daring tightrope walker silhouetted against the vivid hues of the evening sky.

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“Girls Just Want to Have Fun” as Womenfest Celebrations Return

Get ready for Key West's Womenfest, renowned as one of North America’s largest gatherings of lesbians and their friends. Taking place Sept. 4-8, the event is bursting with an abundance of entertaining revelries on both land and sea — from playful and rambunctious pool parties and picturesque sunset dinner sails to a late-night dance party.

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True Treasure Tales Highlight Mel Fisher Days

Mel Fisher's 1985 discovery of the $450 million treasure of the shipwrecked Spanish galleon Atocha is being remembered July 11-13 during Key West’s Mel Fisher Days. Highlights include a dock party with the salvage crew, behind-the-scenes tours of the Fishers' private artifact conservation lab, and the chance to hear adventurous tales recalling Mel’s exuberant spirit.

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11 Milestones in Key West’s LGBTQ History

LGBTQ personalities, influences and events have played a huge role in the modern-day history of Key West, a leading gay vacation mecca for decades. With WorldPride well under way, it’s a great time to celebrate the milestones that helped shape the island that draws nearly 300,000 LGBTQ visitors per year.

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