Stewards of the Keys

Matt Sexton: Steward of the Middle Keys

Matt Sexton, a former professional kiteboarder, owns and operates the Middle Keys' sustainable Grassy Flats Resort & Beach Club that opened last spring. He also worked with co-owners Mike and Shana Walsh to build oTHErside Adventure Park & Keys Cable -- and he's focused on making a difference through positive ethical, moral and environmental actions.

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Alli Candelmo: Steward of the Keys’ Marine Environment

Marine ecologist Alli Candelmo of Key Largo's Reef Environmental Education Foundation has forged a career that positively impacts the environment of the Florida Keys in big ways. Passionate about protecting the natural world since she was a child, she regards enjoying and protecting marine ecosystems as her primary personal and professional goal.

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Andrea Paulson:  Steward of the Lower Keys Backcountry

On custom charter kayak trips to Content and Mud keys in the Great White Heron National Wildlife Refuge, Captain Andrea Paulson has educated thousands of kayaking clients about the importance of keeping backcountry waters pristine. Deeply passionate about the Florida Keys environment, she strives to give her clients a renewed respect for nature.

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