Big Pine Key & the Lower Keys

Connect with the Keys While Staying ‘Safer@Home’

The Florida Keys tourism council has debuted a social media-based “Safer@Home” program — to entertain and inspire during coronavirus-induced stay-at-home sojourns, and provide a virtual connection between the island chain and people who love it. Fans can tune in to the Keys’ Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for unique live-stream content direct from the destination.

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‘Keys Crafted’ Creativity Can Brighten Uncertain Times

While travel and socialization are largely at a standstill nationwide, one aspect of Florida Keys residents’ lives continues to flourish: their creativity. The Keys are home to artisan sandal makers, jewelry designers, producers of island-inspired beers and spirits, beekeepers and confectioners, and people whose passion is ceramics, woodcarving, metalwork, fine crafts and more.

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The Man Who Protected Key Deer

While the Florida Keys are temporarily closed to visitors, the Lower Keys’ miniature Key deer continue to flourish, untroubled by the global coronavirus crisis. The deer have been protected for more than 60 years in the National Key Deer Refuge — thanks partly to an unorthodox lawman who helped save the species from extinction.

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Reflections of the Florida Keys: Underwater Wonders

During this uncharted period of social distancing and stay-at-home mandates, Keys Voices presents a selection of video clips of the serene natural world. Hopefully, viewing them will help blog readers escape momentarily from the deep stress of the coronavirus crisis — as the underwater beauty of the Florida Keys soothes mind, body and soul.

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Keys Temporarily Closed to Visitors, But Nature Remains a Respite

The Florida Keys are temporarily closed to visitors until further notice. Yet in five protected Keys preserves, animals, birds, marine life and plants are thriving — unchanged and untouched by human cares. Dwelling on their serene lives and pristine natural habitats can provide a vital moment of tranquility in times that might seem overwhelming.

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Fishing at the Northernmost and Southernmost Points

This winter, angling aficionados can vie to win a two-destination vacation to fish freshwater and saltwater species — in the “Northernmost to Southernmost Fishing Trip Giveaway” that spotlights recreational angling in Lake of the Woods, Minnesota, and the Florida Keys. The two locales feature the northernmost and southernmost points in the contiguous United States.

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‘Starstruck’ in the Lower Keys

Each year, some 650 amateur and professional astronomers from around the world gather in the Lower Florida Keys for the Winter Star Party. Its main attraction is the incredible number of southern constellations, comets and stars visible from the region — virtually the only place in the continental United States where they can be seen.

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Stroll, Sip and Savor the Artistry of the Keys

Artists are drawn to the Florida Keys because of the islands’ deeply-hued, richly colorful natural scenery and an intensively creative spirit that infuses the local culture. Artistry flourishes throughout the island chain, and the winter season brings unusual new ways for aficionados to enjoy it — including enticing art strolls, classes and intriguing experiences.

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Craving a Luxury Spring Getaway? Check Out Three Keys Resorts

Eager to escape yet another cold grey winter? Temps in the Florida Keys are pleasantly mild, with sunny skies and warm island breezes just perfect for a satisfying late-winter or spring getaway. And the Keys have some breathtaking ultra-luxury oceanfront resorts that are ready to pamper visitors with subtropical sun and serenity.

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