Keys Infrastructure Evaluation and Repairs Begin Following Hurricane Irma

In the wake of Hurricane Irma impacting the Florida Keys, infrastructure evaluations and restoration efforts have begun, Keys officials said Tuesday.

While residents and business owners were permitted back into the Upper Keys Tuesday, visitors have been asked to postpone any near-term plans to vacation in the island chain.

Some areas of the Keys are likely to be ready to accommodate visitors before another. An exact reopening date is not yet known.

Both Keys airports are in survived the storm, but commercial service to Key West International Airport has been suspended until electricity and water have been restored. The airports are being used as incoming staging areas for relief supplies and perosnnel. Travelers who had reservations should contact their airlines.

Some regions of the Keys were impacted more than others and damage at Keys accommodations' facilities varies from no impacts, expect for landscapting, to severe damage because of storm surge.  Assessments are still being executed, but it is believe that most tourism facilities will return to operations soon after the restoration of power, water and communications.

The Florida Department of Transportation has inspected all spans on the Florida Keys Overseas Highway and and deemed them safe. A few locations of the highway are being repaired due to storm surge and those repairs should be completed by Thursday.

The Keys are under a dusk-to-dawn curfew.

As more details become available, they are to be posted on this website as well as and the Monroe County Website at